Who we are

Güverte Film is an independent production company based in Istanbul, Turkey, focused on creating space for new ideas and alternative production methods. 

As being primarily engaged in short and feature films, Güverte Film is also experienced in the production of music videos, documentaries, television entertainment, commercials and development of multimedia projects.

Güverte Film is owned and run by Suzan Güverte, accompanying many other emerging filmmakers and story tellers. 

What we love

We are in love with telling stories, not only ours but also your stories... 

We believe that we are all made of stories, the ones we've already heard and still live under unconscious influence or the ones not told us yet, but will cross our way one day and change a little of us like the others did. 

We are passionate about providing the best possible conditions for the scriptwriters and directors to help their stories come to life and have them meet with the people whose lives they will be a part of.

We'll meet each other in stories...



Suzan Güverte studied in Bogazici University before completing a Masters degree in International Management at the University of Bath.

She has established her production company, Guverte Film in 2014 and produced her first feature film; she had worked in Zeyno Film as the Associate Producer of Zeynep Ozbatur Atakan and in the Antalya Film Forum as the General Manager from 2014 to 2017.

Suzan has attended to Cannes L’atelier 2016 with Rezan Yesilbas’s ‘Boarding School and selected to Sarajevo Talent Campus 2016 as producer.

Güverte Film by Suzan Güverte is the co-producer of Tany Gatlif’s Avril et Djam (2017) with Greece and France, which has premiered at Cannes Film Festival, 2017.


·       Amedspor(2019), feature documentary in production, Director: Rezan Yeşilbaş

·       Kolej Havasi (2018), in development, Director: Sertan Ünver

·       Dormitory (2018), in development, Director: Nehir Tuna,

·       Avril et Djam (2017)Director: Tony Gatlif,

Co-Producer: Suzan Güverte(Co-Production of France, Greece, Turkey)

·       Premiered at Cannes Film Festival, 2017, Out of Competition

·       Blue (2016) Feature Documentary, 100 min. Director: Sertan Ünver

Producer: Suzan Güverte

·       36th International Istanbul Film Festival, Mansion Award

·       Under the Sky (2016), 81 min. Director: Alpgiray M. Uğurlu

Producer: Suzan Güverte

·       Premiered at 35th International Istanbul Film Festival